A module is the primary interface for playing with A.A.D.D., and is visually represented by a window with a large AADD button, a volume slider, a reset button, and a context region which displays different functionality via three tabs: source, sound, and silence.

Here you see an A.A.D.D. module with the source tab selected, and the source audio list drawer exposed.

MODULE : main controls :

MODULE : main controls : AADD button

The large AADD button starts and stops a module from playing.

MODULE : main controls : volume

The volume slider sets the master volume for the module.

MODULE : main controls : reset

The reset button unloads and audio currently held by the module, and primes the module with new audio snippets. A reset can be useful for having a module begin playing from the start of a new audio file/snippet, instead of from the middle of an audio file/snippet that was stopped mid-play. It is also useful to reset to force a module to pick up new state settings, in case any state bugs are encountered. When in doubt, try reset.

MODULE : main controls : current selection info

Information about the module's currently selected audio file is displayed in the Track, Artist, Album, and Time Remaining fields. Artist and Album are only filled when playing from an iTunes™ Playlist. The Time Remaining info based on the snippet length to play, not necessarily the entire file length.

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