AADD : MODULE : silence :

Here you see an A.A.D.D. module with the silence tab selected.

The functionality of the silence tab allows the user to decide whether some of the module's audio production can be silent, to select a range of time for silence generation, to choose whether silence should be alternated with audio files/snippets or silent passages are experienced by random chance, and to specify the percentage of chance a silent passage will be encountered.

MODULE : silence : enjoy the silence

The enjoy the silence checkbox specifies whether the module can sometimes produce silence.

MODULE : silence : silence range

If the enjoy the silence checkbox is checked, the silence range fields determine the range of time in seconds a silent passage can be.

: silence : alternate/chance

If the enjoy the silence checkbox is checked, the alternate/chance radio buttons choose whether silent passages are alternated with audio files/snippets, or whether silent passages are chosen over audio files/snippets based upon a random chance.

: silence : percent chance

If the enjoy the silence checkbox is checked, and the alternate/chance radio buttons are set to the chance selection, the percent chance field determines the percent chance that the module will generate a silent passage of playing an audio file/snippet.

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