AADD (A.A.D.D., Audio A.D.D., Audio Attention Deficit Disorder)
is a tool to create new sonic spaces out of your old dusty audio files.

First, collect some recordings in MP3, M4A, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, AIFC, WAVE, or SDII format and put them in a directory (or, organize them in disparate directories contained in other directories contained in a parent directory several levels deep). You can also organize audio files of these blessed types within iTunes™ Playlists.

Second, point an AADD module at the containing directory (or, at either the parent directory or simply a single file) or an iTunes™ Playlist, and choose some settings for the module which reflect your particular vision for bliss/horror/blorris.

Third, click on the AADD button to start the module muttering audio snippets, fading in and out, and randomly spouting your ears' experience.

Now, add a second module.

And, another.

Point another at the first source location.

And, another.

Use the project controls to start all your modules simultaneously.

Hear the magic mess. La la la. Tra la la.

Save the magic mess to an aiff audio file. La la la. Tra la la.

"But, what audio files should I use? Please, give me ideas. Please, help me."

OK. I will share.

Create some iTunes™ Playlists and/or several directories of audio files, with each Playlist/directory containing audio files of a similar ilk.

Playlist/Directory ideas? : wind sounds, water sounds, fog sounds, birds chirping, birds hissing, babies screaming, top 40 radio reversed, auctioneers, all the notes of the e minor scale played on a pipe organ, pan flute, pan flutes on fire, audio books, Wittgenstein, short wave radio, paranoid whispers, dictionary pronunciation files, white noise, pink noise, brown noise, and the Shemp Meditation Tape. Anything. Everything. Sounds. New Age. Classical. No Wave. Farcical. Musique Concrete. Musique Country. Location recordings. Answering machine messages. Nursery rhymes. K-tel Compilations. Yes. No. Yes.

Now consider how you want the sounds to be layered, crossfaded, and broken by silence. Do you want to hear entire files? Tiny snippets? Bigger snippets? Snippets of variable length?

Prepare some modules accordingly, pointing them at your chosen source locations for audio, and save your project for future exploitation.

It's all so very exciting.

Yes, it is. One thing, however, has me confused. What's a module?

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