For Your Ears

Version 1.1 Works With Mac OS X 10.5
And, Plays M4A, ALAC, & AAC Files

A singular smudgeon of software for drudgery enhancement, retail ambience, pretension installations, broadcast bed blather, frenetic aural kniptions, atmospheric descents, and general enlightenment. Almost interesting!
Download AADD v1.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 & 10.5

Confused? You should seek HELP. Now featuring: Documentation.

New with this release: At last, supports M4A, AAC, and ALAC Formats. Also, use iTunes™ Playlists as audio sources!

Also: bug fixes, status feedback, and audio source listing

Read what the public is saying!:

"Why don't you just tell us what the hell is this app for?
maybe all that %^&* is fun and interesting for you, but for many people is just ridiculous and a waste of time.
I tried to understand the purpose of your app, and even went to your site looking for answers,
but after 5 min of reading all that ambiguous ^&%$ I just quit.
Then, I coincidentally talked to my friends about it and to my surprise it happened to them as well.
So please: Why don't you just tell us what the hell is this app for? no games, no ^&^%$, just plain english...."