AADD : MODULE : sound :

Here you see an A.A.D.D. module with the sound tab selected.

The functionality of the sound tab allows the user to set a fade in/out time, choose whether snippets should crossfade, toggle between playing complete files or snippets, select a range of snippet lengths (if snippet use is chosen), choose whether audio files/snippets are played at full or random volumes, and also to select the range of random volumes.

MODULE : sound : fade seconds

The fade seconds field specifies a fade in/out time for audio files/snippets.

: sound : crossfade

The crossfade checkbox chooses whether audio files/snippets crossfade out of and into one another.

: sound : complete/snippet

The complete/snippet radios choose whether complete audio files or portions of audio files, called snippets, are played by the module.

: sound : snippet range

If the snippet radio is selected, the snippet range fields define a range of time in seconds for the snippets' length.

Setting both snippet range fields to the same value forces all snippets to be of the same length,

The minimum length field must be at least twice the value of the fade seconds field.

: sound : sequential

The sequential checkbox gives the option of choosing the next source audio file from the list of sources in order as opposed to randomly.

: sound : random volume

The random volume checkbox determines whether the module plays audio files/snippets at their full volume, or attenuates the volume by a random amount.

: sound : volume range

If the random volume checkbox is selected, the volume range fields define a range of percentages for the audio files/snippets to be randomly attenuated by.

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